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Having an estimated time for delivery is very important to running a business that offers a delivery option. This is because it gives the customers a close reference to the time it will take them to receive their food. The estimated delivery time can be customized to reflect during business hours and can be set for all days of the week or adjusted for each day where the ETA changes automatically in the system according to what day it is.


First in the POS go to Config then System.


Then select Order Types and Stages at the top of the screen.


Once there, on the left side select the order type you wish to set the estimated times for.


After you select the order type, on the bottom right of the screen click edit next to the Estimated Delivery time.


This will bring up the editor for changing the estimated times.


Click the add new button, this will bring up an option to enter new times.


There are now options to select the day of the week and set the estimated time. In this example we selected Monday at 90 minutes estimate for the hours of 9am-11pm. Once the information is entered select save on the bottom right.


Once that is all completed and we go to place an order for that order type we just configured, the estimated time will show on the upper left of the order screen in a highlighted yellow.delivery_time_day_of_week_9.png




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