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To add additional driver comp per zone, go to Config > Customer Maint.


Once you are in the Customer Maint. section , select the Zones tab at the top.


From here you can see all the zones that are currently configured in the POS. In this case we want to add an additional delivery compensation per zone. This may be due to a zone being further out so you may want to compensate your drivers a bit more. Simply click in the Addnl Drv Comp column for the desired zone and type in the amount you wish to add.


As you can see, I have added an additional $1.50 to the zone named ‘3 zone 1’. Please note that the amount input here is in addition to any compensation that is already configured in your Delivery settings. 

Based on the current configuration located in config > system > Delivery there is already a base compensation set for $2.00 per order meaning any delivery order that is within ‘3 zone 1’ will get an additional $1.50 added for a total of $3.50.


Here is an example of what you can expect. I dispatched a delivery order within 3 zone 1 to a test driver here is the total compensation this driver now has after 1 delivery order. As you can see it is a total of $3.50 rather than just the $2.00 base amount.driver_comp_zone_5.png




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