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May 10, 2022 Restaurant Management
This document contains release notes for Restaurant Management first, then for POS, then Online Ordering

The following Restaurant Management issues were addressed in this release

  •  Removing a Kitchen printer or Label printer does not work properly
  •  Unable to update third party driver when annual compensation fee is 4+ digits
  •  RestrictAPIByIP feature does not work with Dynamic DNS, resulting in halting the sync process
  •  Order Detail shows the "Coupon Name" instead of the Receipt Name for all coupons
  •  Order Detail doesn't display Online Orders for Taken / Updated By, when the order is a Web
    Delivery / Pickup
  •  Order Detail show coupons as a positive amount, instead of negative

    The following POS issues were addressed in this release
  •  When deselecting a preselected mod for an item (on the mod page) and then selecting
    ‘no mod’ on the ticket, it should always display the mod page
  •  If CallerID after order is set to True in the computer table, it should always display the
    CallerID screen after send/collect and pay order
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  •  If Logoff after order is set to True in the computer table, it should send you back to logon
    form after collecting an order
  •  Do not display Early/Late clock-in approval dialog box if security to allow early/late clock-in is
    set to true
  • hen earlyin/latein =0 in sysconfig, disable employee schedule validation at clock-in/clock-out
  •  Dispatch should display city if it is not the default city defined
  •  Paid-Outs and Paid-Ins don't indicate that they have been saved
  •  Need to display wrong biz date message at login and going into orders when it is 5am or later
    on the next calendar date
  •  Total cash on the right side of the balance drawer screen is not correct
  •  After inputting cash amount and then hitting the detail screen, it removes input cash amount
  •  Paying for a future date order should only allow a credit card payment
  •  Time left for the drivers return on the dispatch screen is not calculating correctly
  •  Need line separator between drivers on the dispatch screen and show at least 11 drivers at a
    time and phone number formatted correctly 777-777-7777
  •  When going into the cash drawer & employee cash out screen, it should always default to
    active biz date not system date
  •  Delivery reminders not displaying correctly
  •  Delivery Fee that is changed is reverting back to default amount after order recall
  •  Delivery Fee cannot be set to 0.00
  •  Cannot set tip back to 0.00
  •  Changing an order type to delivery is not reflecting on the dispatch screen

 When voiding a delivery order it does not remove the ‘del fee’ which leaves it unpaid

The following Online Ordering issues were addressed in this release
Bug Fixes
- Beverage specific measurements for calories were not displaying correctly for online ordering menus
- Qualifying items (for a coupon) were not displaying when included in a menu group.
When configuring a store in Admin Portal, Menu Version should be 7 or higher.


Product Enhancements:
Apple Pay
Apple Pay is now supported on iOS branded apps and safari browsers (desktop, mobile).
Apple Pay is free for merchants who currently are enrolled in MRR and have an iOS mobile app for
online ordering.

Example online ordering website with Apple Pay enabled
Configurable Privacy and Terms of Use
Merchants who wish to update their privacy policy and terms (for the footer and registration screen)
can do so in the Online Ordering Admin Portal. This change updates both website and mobile apps.
The configuration in admin portal supports multiple links with pipe separators ( | ). Apps published after 5/10/22 will inherit this change.




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