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Restaurant Management August 16, 2022
This document contains release notes for Restaurant Management first, then for POS, then Online Ordering.

The following Restaurant Management issues were addressed in this release Restaurant Management bug fixes:

  •  The Customer Account statement was not reflecting accurate values for Previous Balance and New Balance
  •  BOGO - Percent Off should not allow coupon value
  •  BOGO - Amount Off should not allow for minimum price
  •  For ‘Item - Percent Off’ Coupons, the Coupon Value should be restricted from configuration
  •  Station Type options should be limited to actual station types
  •  The Save button for Edit Coupon should be greyed out until an adjustment has been made
  •  Coupon Value should have a limit of 3 digits before the decimal
  •  Improved the formatting on the Name and Business info fields on Customer Account Statements
  •  Print Multi Line Items is now an option

  •  When adding a reward to a loyalty customer, rewards configured as percent off were acting as amount off
  •  In the "Link to Existing Account" GUI, the ‘Add User’ button disappears when an account is selected
  •  “Open Batch” message pop up should always display in ‘CC Mgr’ screen on a day with an open batch
  •  Deferred pickup orders for future dates and web pickup orders that get paid with a credit card are not being assigned to the correct drawer
  •  Minimum price configuration on “Item - Amount Off” Coupon was not working
  •  Single item voids or comps will zero out an order that has been paid for with a credit card, but the credit card payment does not get reversed
  •  The DoorDash Driver Drawer was Ignoring the "No Starting Bank" on the Employee Profile Configuration





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