Product Release Notes

Restaurant Management August 31, 2022
This document contains release notes for Restaurant Management first, then for POS.

The following Restaurant Management issues were addressed in this release Restaurant Management bug fixes:

  •  Order Detail doesn’t display "QTY" X in front of the mod name when mods are selected with "EXTRA"
  •  ‘Removed Payment Audit’ needs to be sorted by Employee Name (ascending), Date, and then by Time
  •  Adjustment Summary report has the wrong calculation for the "count" of voids
  •  Added a Day Part filter option to Sales by Order Type
  •  Added ‘Auto Clock Time’ records to the ‘Time Clock Audit’ report
  •  The ‘Delivery Out the Door Time’ report was not combining / averaging OTDAvg by hour, when running it for multiple days
  •  Deleting surcharges, when not all ‘Surcharge Payment Types’ are assigned, breaks the sync process
  •  Modifier/Menu categories are being removed after running one-click deployment
  •  Update record in ‘syncrecords’ when a timeclock record is deleted
  •  Inventory issues (store specific) – Recipes were showing duplicate sizes
  •  Inventory issues (store specific) – Recipes items were missing
  •  When Drivers are dropping CCs, their tips are not showing up on the Payroll Report
  •  Implemented a security option for setting the Online Coupon Sequence

  •  When updating Order Type after Bump, Delivery Queue does not get updated
  •  The "Customer out of Delivery Zone? Continue?" prompt was not always appearing for out of zone customers
  •  Preselects on KDS are not displaying Half 1 modifiers
  •  Drawer drops to the safe were not displaying the name on Deposit screen correctly
  •  Customer information is not updating if a change is made to a previously sent order
  •  The "No Sale" splash screen display is now larger
  •  The Security Required for tip over x % is not being considered
  •  Voiding an Activated Paid Delivery Deferred Order does not properly sync up to Restaurant Management
  •  When a driver is re-assigned, update the record in the base table
  •  Write a syncrecord for deleting the ordpayment when voiding an Activated Paid Order
  •  When you delete a deposit, it doesn’t write the delete to sync records
  •  Deposit slip shows wrong business date if deposit is made after 12:00am
  •  Tips are not updating on the cash drawer summary screen
  •  Employee clock-In shows “Oops Error” when an employee is trying to clock-in outside of their scheduled time
  •  Update cash drawer key if payment is changed while driver is on road
  •  Searching for customers phone numbers causes delays in system speed
  •  Paid deferred orders causing ‘CustAcctItem’ entries in ‘syncrecords’ table
  •  When ‘Security by Labor Type’ is active, Labor Type Securities are only applying to the ‘Default Labor Type’ rather than the Labor Type that an employee clocks in as



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