Product Release Notes

May 17, 2022 Restaurant Management
This document contains release notes for Restaurant Management first, then for POS, then Online Ordering

The following Restaurant Management issues were addressed in this release

  •  ‘Verify Starting Amount’ is misspelled
  •  The ‘Sales by Tax by Type’ Report isn't displaying the "None" report group
  •  Order Detail isn’t showing the Credit Card Tip
  •  Order Detail shows some deselected "Preselected Modifiers" as having a price
  •  Copying a Menu from Master Mode is causing issues with POS crashing when interacting with
    'Orders' section
  •  Improved the layout of excluded payment types
  •  When updating Default Order Type for a station, it also changes the default order type in
    Order Lookup - and it should not
  •  Standard Modifier Pricing limit on modifier count needs to be increased to 15
  •  Certain order buttons are not present in Restaurant Management and will not reflect changes
    in the POS (Game Card and Gift Loyalty)
  •  Cash Drawer Detail Report; O/S record for Cash field summarizing O/S records for all Payment
    Type Fields

    The following POS issues were addressed in this release
  •  Dispatch should show Bus/School/Hotel/Apt (if it exists) instead of customer name
  •  DD Symbol for Door Dash Orders in Dispatch screen not displaying
  •  Dispatch screen does not have a logon option
  •  Unable to retrieve orders from Ord Lookup when searching by ord# or phone#
  •  Clicking in the Description area of the order screen before selecting a required modifier on an
    item will skip the selection of the required modifier
  •  When adding a coupon to a recalled order it should always check user permissions
  •  Cannot print delivery/web delivery credit card receipt from order screen
  •  Should not print merchant slip if under sign threshold
  •  When dispatching an order (at a different time to the same driver) it is not calculating the
    correct time and distance
  •  System allows you to exit the Close Day screen before it is done
  •  Timeclock security function should match with Legacy POS
  •  Can't remove a 3rd party order from dispatch
  •  Re-assigning a dispatched order not updating to correct driver
  •  Delivery screen orders do not refresh immediately when orders are removed from dispatch
  •  After removing an order from them, drivers should refresh real-time when their status is
    complete, on road, or reassign



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