Product Release Notes

Restaurant Management August 2, 2022
This document contains release notes for Restaurant Management first, then for POS.

The following Restaurant Management issues were addressed in this release Restaurant Management bug fixes:

  •  Correctly implemented ‘Multiple Time Sequences’ to a Time-Based Menu
  •  Display ‘Preselect in Kitchen’ under Menu – Modifiers in Restaurant Management
  •  Payroll Detail was summarizing the "In" / "Out" labor types instead of breaking them out individually by each time in/out each day
  •  Payroll Summary was not displaying the ‘Out’ OT Hours; that amount was being grouped with the ‘In’ OT hours
  •  Unable to delete or edit a specific employee from the schedule; you had to delete the schedule for the week to remove an employee or make changes
  •  Pressing the Enter button when resetting the password for an Employee causes a Webpage Error
  •  Delivery Out the Door report has the Late Orders out of sequential order when run for multiple days
  •  The ‘Delivery Out the Door’ report needs the totals section to be right after hourly breakdown, not below the Late Order list
  •  Security confirmation to add ‘Menu Mix by Group/Size’ report

  •  Unable to adjust guest count on orders
  •  Error when creating a new house account from customer information
  •  When merging or unmerging an order, the order will not send
  •  Single Use Only Coupon does not appear in the POS after being created in Restaurant Management
  •  Driver is no longer allowed to take a break during a delivery
  •  The pop-up for “out of delivery zone” no longer repopulates when retrieving the order from Order Lookup
  •  The ‘Require Cash Drops Only’ setting was still factoring in credit card deliveries in the drop requirement after the first drop
  •  Account Payments paid via credit card were not showing in the Cash Drawer
  •  When a group has a default size or style, the item countdown or Out-of-Stock does not indicate availability automatically
  •  Correctly handle the ‘Third Party Delivery’ Order Type category so the menu will load if the customer is on DoorDash Marketplace
  •  Account Payments paid via credit card are doubling within the Cash Drawer credit card totals



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