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Restaurant Management September 20, 2022
This document contains release notes for Restaurant Management first, then for POS.

The following Restaurant Management issues were addressed in this release Restaurant Management bug fixes:

  •  The Delete Menu button was moved to the bottom right of the screen for the sake of UI consistency
  •  Display Preselected Modifier is changing to preselected modifier after navigating away from the page (graphical)
  •  The Weekly Sales Summary report had several errors
    o Incorrect calculations for Check Avg (All Sales), Cash Deposit, Transactions, Labor (%) Overall, Labor ($), Labor (hours), Sales, Avg Order, Labor %,
    o "Paid Out" pulling wrong info
    o Mislabeled ‘VISA/MC’ and ‘Dine-in/Take-out Sales’
  •  Changing the rate of employee should only insert a new record, never delete
  •  Editing more than one report category is causing all the previously edited categories to change to the newly named category
  •  The Daily Performance Report was showing wrong data for Avg Order, if run for multiple dates


Restaurant Management enhancements:

  •  Added a “Timestamps & Audit Trails” report for both Timeclock and Stores & Groups sections
  •  Implemented guardrails to prevent query timeouts when the previous feature of Marketing Queries is reenabled (October). This applies to both Custom Queries and Predefined Queries.
  •  Added the ability to merge customers within HungerRush Loyalty
  •  Added the ability to broadcast a system message (which shows on the POS when a user logs in) to all stores in a group. The message could be used for timeless sentiments like ‘Wash your hands often’ or ‘Don’t forget to thank the customer’. Or it could be used for timely messages such as ‘We close at 6pm on Christmas Eve’. Regardless of how the message is used, it previously had to be set up individually at each store. Now, you have the ability to broadcast it to multiple stores at once.
  •  Added a checkbox to enable the Pay by Link feature which will be released in early October


The following POS issues were addressed in this release POS Bug Fixes:

  •  When manually batching credit cards through CC Manager, the “batch successful” message makes you hit 'Cancel' to exit the screen
  •  App crashing when placing an order with tiered pricing
  •  Using Quantity on the order screen allows you to bypass the item countdown limits
  •  Tax isn't showing "0.00" when Tax is set to None or Tax Exempt
  •  Security not properly enforced for ‘Allow Clock in/out’ and ‘Access Utilities’
  •  Added security restrictions around ‘Clock in/out’ and ‘Required Time Clock’ employee setting
  •  Credit Card Tips are being added onto Cash Totals when Balancing Cash Drawers
  •  Non-drivers do not get removed from the dispatch screen when they go on break
  •  Surcharges by payment type was not working correctly
  •  Printing a drawer drop does not print, but sends a pop drawer command instead



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