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Restaurant Management July 26, 2022
This document contains release notes for Restaurant Management first, then for POS.

The following Restaurant Management issues were addressed in this release Restaurant Management bug fixes:

  •  The ‘Adjustment Detail Report’ should show the order taker and the employee approving the adjustment
  •  Selecting “Menu” from Restaurant Management button in POS shows blank page
  •  The ‘Order Detail’ report should only display “Time ordered” for Menu items – not coupons, mods, no mods, or preferences
  •  The ‘Order Detail’ report should display "VOID Item and Price” under each item that is voided
  •  When Multiple Menu Time Prices are configured, only the first-time price will show, and neither will apply
  •  The ‘Menu Mix by Group/Size’ report is now available
  •  Unable to Add New Timeclock Entry on business dates from previous month
  •  An employee with two names in the ‘first name’ field with a space in between, is displaying the space as commas instead of blank space
  •  The ‘Payroll Summary’ report is not displaying the "Out" OT Hours
  •  The “Received” column in Invoices under Inventory Management will now auto-populate based on the quantity entered for the item
  •  The ‘Sales by Order Type’ report can now be run for a month
  •  When editing Logon ID for employees, you can now use the numpad on the keyboard
  •  The ‘Security Group Name’ under System > Security is now associated with the Security Group assigned within that Labor Type
  •  One Click Registration is no longer removing RUID and RUSecret from Store Setup

    The following POS issues were addressed in this release POS Bug Fixes:
  •  Manually forcing a card does not force a card if internet is detected
  •  Splitting items that have an “entire order amount-off” coupon applied causes the coupon to apply to each split – entire order coupons should not apply to split orders
  •  The “Selected Item Amount Off” coupon should not apply to split orders
  •  The "Allow Auto Quantity" feature under the printer configuration page is now working properly
  •  "Count" and "On Road Count" in Dispatch Screen now refreshes and accounts for all dispatches
  •  Opening a Previous Driver's Drawer for a driver already on the dispatch screen will now display a popup
  •  Reports not loading when selecting “Restaurant Management” button from the home screen on POS app
  •  When autofill is turned off under Customer Config, the backspace button is not working on the Street field
  •  Logging into “menu mode” incorrectly will fail until the POS app is reloaded
  •  Unable to input a force code on payment collect screen for credit cards
  •  App crashes when selecting pick up or dine in order types from CallerID Screen
  •  When a driver collects to a Station Drawer, the payments are going to the Driver Drawer instead
  •  The “Require Cash Drops Only” setting under Delivery Options is including credit cards instead of just Cash Due on Driver Drop screen
  •  When autofill is turned off under Customer Config, the backspace button is not working on the ‘Location Name’ field



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