Product Release Notes

May 4, 2022 Restaurant Management
This document contains release notes for Restaurant Management first, and then for POS

The following Restaurant Management issues were addressed in this release


  •  Required modifier was not working correctly at the POS level
  •  Minimum Required modifier was acting as a maximum required modifier
  •  Saving label printer configurations resulted in the message: 'An error occurred
    processing your request.’
  •  Menu needs to have the option of using special characters and symbols
  •  Standard Modifier Pricing was not syncing the correct table positions between

Configuring local printers for one store within a company will remove the
configuration on other stores in the company
Details: When adjusting local printer configurations for one store, the system would clear out previously
configured settings for local printers on other stores under the same company.

Employee Management main page has a text error in two places
Details: The Employee Management Main page and the Edit Employee page both have a text error.
'InActive' is spelled out as two words when it should just be one (Inactive)

Max Required Modifiers being disabled does not sync down to the POS
Details: Max required mods were not being removed from the POS when changing the configuration in RM.

Coupons: BOGO terminology updated
For BOGO coupons, there was a field called ‘Is Required’, with options of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.
The terminology has been updated, so the functionality is more clear.
The field is now called ‘Buy One/Get One’, and the options are ‘Buy One’ and ‘Get One’
Navigation: Manage>Coupons>Items

Loyalty: Notification for Expiring Rewards
The system was erroneously removing Loyalty from Online Ordering. This has been corrected
Navigation: Loyalty Menus: Mod Category Color setting moved
The ‘Always User Modifier Category Color’ field has been moved from the Configuration tab to the Modifier Categories tab.
Navigation: Manage>Menus>Menu>Modifier Categories

Menus: Required Mods correction
Required Mods was not reflecting correctly in the POS when there was a Minimum Required Modifier set up in Restaurant Management, but not a Maximum. This has been corrected.
Navigation: Manage>Menus>Items>Required Modifiers

Misc: Help site added
A new Help icon has been added to the Restaurant Management Dashboard. This icon will take customer and internal users to a new Help site that has been built by the documentation group.
Please note that the site is still in its early stages, so some sections will say ‘Section Coming Soon’

Misc: New User Email updated
The Restaurant Management URL has been added to the new user email. New users may not know the URL, and this will make it easier for them to access the site. Also, the email has been updated to reflect Restaurant Management (instead of HUB).

Misc: Store Creation Template Identified
When a store is created using a Company or Best Build template, the template that was used now displays. Looking at the example below, this store was created using Store 1 as a template.
Navigation: Manage>Stores & Groups>Stores>Settings

Product Release Notes
Reports: FTP
The ability to establish a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server is now available in Restaurant Management.
This feature will send a file containing extensive data in a format that can be easily used to insert into a
preestablished report of their own creation. Once a customer inputs their server information, Restaurant Management can be configured to send data nightly. Located in Reports, the FTP configuration is shown in a grid. Each store that the user has access to will be displayed in the grid. Press the configuration gear to have a submenu appear.
The General Tab allows for the FTP server configurations as well as the options to establish if the file should
be uploaded nightly. Additional data options can be toggled on if they’re applicable to the business.

Pressing the Test FTP button will initiate a test to see whether the credentials used were correctly inputted.
A corresponding message will appear depending on success or failure.
The Data Upload Tab can be used to generate an FTP on demand - just choose a date and press the upload button to send the file to the site.
Whether the file is upload daily or manually, a file will appear at the destinated FTP address for usage.

The following POS issues were addressed in this release

  •  When selecting an item, it should always pull up the Modifier Screen, whether "show modifiers" is set to True or False  Entering an Adjustment Reason for a Manager Adjustment results in the Adjustment Screen having only ‘Cancel’ available to select
  •  If Auto Logoff is True, the Logon screen should display when exiting the delivery screen  For coupons with AutoApply enabled and where the item defined requires a preference member selection, the coupon does not auto apply
  •  ‘Credit’ and ‘Other’ totals double when going back and looking at a previously balanced drawer  When “Require Mileage Tracking” is on for Driver labor type, it should update the EstMiles field in timeclock table for all of the miles accrued during that time period
  •  When balancing a drawer, the tips get added back to total cash
  •  Driver drops can only go to a cash drawer, not a safe
  •  When returning a driver from a dispatch, the system is cycling back through stages of previous orders causing kitchen/dispatch tickets to reprint
  •  Unable to add a pre-auth tip for a delivery order
  •  If the “same card” security is set to True, the user should have the "same card" option when additions have been added to an order already paid with a credit card


Ability for a refund order not to be saved
Details: Creating a refund order should not result in a saved order – it should clear it if it’s not collected.
Est Del Time & Est Mileage not populating when dispatching an order to a driver Details: If Google Maps is used, estimated time and estimated mileage should calculate upon driver dispatch.
If ‘No Style Disc’ is True in the MenuCpn table, the value of the style should always be charged when adding a coupon to the item
Details: If a coupon is configured to not discount the value of a style, the POS should always charge for the style even after adding a coupon to the order. Half 2 should be reset to new item state after selecting a half/half pizza
Details: When ordering a half/half pizza, half 2 currently stays selected.

Customer Account Options aren't visible from within the POS
Modifier category colors have been updated
Details: Adjusted the colors for modifier categories to ensure readability with white font/white background




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