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Restaurant Management June 28, 2022
This document contains release notes for Restaurant Management first, then for POS.

The following Restaurant Management issues were addressed in this release

Configuration of POS: HungerRush ID Added to Business Info
This field is display-only and cannot be edited. The HungerRush ID pulls from Manage>Stores & Groups>Profile

Navigation: Manage>System>Business Info

Configuration of POS: Enhanced Tax Type reflexes

Tax Types has been enhanced to warn the user if they try to make a Tax Type inactive that is being used in a Menu.

Navigation: Manage> System>Tax Types

Inventory: User Role Security – Item Counts
The inventory navigation buttons would not be visible if the only inventory permission was for Item Counts for a given user. We fixed this so that the buttons will now be visible.

Loyalty: Changed Name in Business Info
Changed the name of the Loyalty module to no longer say Honeycomb.

Navigation: Manage > System > (Select Store) > Business Info > Loyalty > Loyalty Type


Restaurant Management bug fixes:

  •  Default size pricing does not apply to items when setting their price
  •  Order Detail needs to have Single Item coupons as the last "mod" of the item it’s discounting
  •  Print by Order Type is not functioning correctly
  •  Delete button is not visible when editing a timeclock record due to the resolution at the store
  •  Cash Drawer Detail has the incorrect calculations for the "Over/Short" of the Driver Cashout Detail Section
  •  Sales By Order Type has the Gross Sales calculation including Gratuity amount when it shouldn’t
  •  Unable to Update or Add New Accounting Categories to Restaurant Management if the data previously existed in Revention and was moved to HungerRush 360
  •  The company logo submission function needs to change the resize height limit from 60 to 350
  •  Can’t register station after adding a new labor type in Restaurant Management, when no 'Event Question' exists
  •  Estimated Time for Order Types visually eliminates information previously saved when you update another
  •  Web Server Error when trying to save changes for "TAX RATE BY ZONE"
  •  UI message for changing password on employees without an email needs adjustment
  •  Editing Time Based Menu that doesn't have all labor types enabled auto selects Include All Labor Types
  •  Email address should not be a required field when setting up a new employee in Restaurant Management

  •  When voiding a deferred order using the change deferred order option, it should change the status of activated to True
  •  If Estimated Delivery Time and Estimated Mileage did not get populated when dispatching an order to a driver, it should try to get the value when performing a driver checkout
  •  Disabling Merged Orders in Restaurant Management did not disable the feature in the POS
  •  Disabling Allow Multiple Menus in Restaurant Management did not disable the feature in the POS
  •  Express gift card integration did not work with Datacap middleware
  •  Reassigning orders to a different driver did not recalculate the Estimated Time and Distance
  •  Cash drawer is doubling cc's that were dropped from a driver
  •  You are able to remove a completed order from dispatch with the cash drawer closed
  •  When searching by Order number or last 4 digits of a credit card, it should search left to right
  •  Not able to see Coupons values (Door Dash)
  •  Employee message does not mask user code and can't get to messages from main form
  •  Removing multiple delivery order from different drivers will crash the app
  •  Dispatching to non-drivers causes orders to get stuck on road
  •  Can't pay to account when using last order option
  •  Change Due dialog box should display before logon form
  •  Show Order Detail in Order Lookup is not showing driver information on deliveries
  •  Curser doesn't move to new tab when conducting a customer search to create an order
  •  Curser doesn't automatically start in 'Name' when entering customer on an order type that isn't using Name/Phone or All Required



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