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Restaurant Management September 14, 2022
This document contains release notes for Restaurant Management first, then for POS, then Online Ordering.

The following Restaurant Management issues were addressed in this release Restaurant Management bug fixes:

  •  Creating a Time-Based Group needs to show immediately, instead of after publishing
  •  DPR (Daily Performance Report) not displaying Open Orders
  •  Close day notification needs to have a toggle option to restrict users
  •  The "Delivery Out The Door Time" report needs to be added to the Report Package options for Orders
  •  Order Removed Items report needs to be changed to landscape format to allow for more room for entries and time format needs to be AM/PM
  •  Order Removed Item needs to be sorted by date, then time
  •  Adjust Day Part time config to be by 1-minute increments
  •  Orphaned records are being created in the POS and this needs to be restricted
  •  You are able to set the same employee ID for multiple users
  •  Removing the labor type for an employee will remove the labor rate for other employee with similar labor type
  •  Unable to create a New Time Price due to wrong date/time conversion
  •  Deleting Time Prices does not delete the Items that are Time Priced
  •  DPR (Daily Performance Report) Single Report shows error while running
  •  Unable to publish the Latest Time Price when more than one is created before being published

The following POS issues were addressed in this release
POS Bug Fixes:

  •  When using Loyalty Lookup to retrieve a customer, the customer information does not automatically populate on the order
  •  Reward points not printing on the receipt
  •  When reprinting a customer ticket with reward points, the receipt shows total points, instead of reward points earned
  •  Assign Drawer isn't showing the Full Employee List
  •  Edit Price is allowing price increases with Entire Order
  •  Mod Values for Linked Preferences are not Getting Calculated correctly
  •  Editing a driver drawer when ‘driver comp and cash out to driver’ is turned on, will create a duplicate comp in the paid-outs area of whichever cash drawer the driver balances out to

  •  Credit card payment types were missing text input fields (e.g. Card Number, Expiration Date)
    o Now, when a customer checks out with the payment type credit card either preselected by default or chosen by the user, the text input fields required for order submission will always display
  •  Coupon code text entry field was not displaying in all expected scenarios on mobile browsers. Now, if a store has any active VALCODES that can redeemed, the text entry field will display in cart consistently
  •  The Checkout Popup was inadvertently preventing some customers from placing orders. This feature has been renamed and redesigned as a Checkout Notice, in order to better match a merchant's intended use and not interfere with the order submission process. The 
    Checkout Notice will display in the checkout screen prior to the consumer hitting ‘Submit Order’.
    The fields in Admin Portal for system and store settings have now been renamed
    ‘Checkout Notice’. Previously saved custom values for these fields will remain intact.
    Admin Portal system setting for enabling the Checkout Notice Admin Portal store setting for enabling the Checkout Notice and content (Left) Guest experience (Right) Registered user experience


Apple Pay – white buttons

Merchants who have a dark themed checkout experience will require white color buttons
for Apple Pay & GoCart. This setting can be configured by disabling ‘Checkout light theme’
under the Menu/Order tab of System Settings in Admin Portal.

Order Confirmation Email Templates by Order Type

Custom email templates for each order type (curbside, pickup, delivery) are now included in Admin Portal.
'Order Type Category’ is required to take advantage of these new email templates. You will still have a default OrderConfirmation email template that will be used as a fallback if the proper ‘Order Type Category' has not been set on the POS. The existing ‘OrderConfirmation’ email template has been copied to all three new email templates, and you must update the language and HTML to create custom messages if so desired. Once properly configured and customized, consumers will receive a custom email message based on the type of order they placed.


Custom Delivery Fee Label for Email Order Confirmation

Custom Delivery Fee labels that are set in the POS or Restaurant Management will now be updated and displayed in the order confirmation email within the order details [OrdDetails]. This feature requires that the menu is updated from directly within Admin Portal to display on the website and on order confirmation emails.


Order Confirmation Email template with updated Delivery Fee Label

The Mobile app will still display ‘Delivery Fee’ for all delivery fees.

Mobile App

HungerRush 360 Marketing opt-in rule change
When a merchant had HR360 Marketing opt-in available, the previous display rules were incorrect.
Online Ordering was updated to support this change on 08/09/22, but Mobile Apps are required to be republished after 08/19/22 in order to see the change.
Current procedure:

• A guest at checkout will always see the opt-in checkbox to enroll in HR360 Marketing
• Registered users at checkout will see the opt-in checkbox to enroll in HR360 Marketing
unless they have unsubscribed from a previous HR360 Marketing campaign




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