Product Release Notes

Restaurant Management June 21, 2022
This document contains release notes for Restaurant Management first, then for POS.

The following Restaurant Management issues were addressed in this release
Restaurant Management Bug Fixes

  •  Can't reprint ticket when the system asks about saving changes that were not made to an order
  •  Caller ID Log Report shows no data
  •  CC Tips do not appear on the Cash Drawer Details report in RM
  •  KDS Order Types are disappearing in Restaurant Management
  •  Cannot change the Login for Existing Employees
  •  Tax Rate by Order Type doesn't update visually after saving changes
  •  When adding a time entry in timeclock on Restaurant Management, the Clock-in / Clock-out date is allowed to be set more / less than 28 hours from the Business Date

  •  The ‘show descriptions’ option is not available on the coupon screen
  •  Error 'Max 15 Characters' when sending an order from a menu name greater than 15 characters in length
  •  Unable to dispatch multiple orders at a time to Door Dash
  •  Order viewer is missing customer data associated with the order
  •  Not validating user permission to exit program
  •  Update the UI accordingly when closing drawer
  •  View Orders on the POS is missing customer information and delivery information
  •  Dispatch Validation not working with Enter key on keyboard
  •  For any Manager Overrides, pressing Enter on the keyboard gets an "Access Denied"
  •  Employee ID cards used for Manager Override get an "Access Denied"
  •  When it times out in the order screen after taking an order, you can't log back on
  •  No print option for Paid-in and Paid-out from the Balance Cash Drawer screen
  •  When the Lite button is selected on the order screen, it stays selected even after applying it to a Mod
  •  Half and Half was not pricing items correctly
  •  When logoff after order is true, you have to logon twice to get logged in after re-printing a ticket



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