Product Release Notes

Restaurant Management July 6, 2022
This document contains release notes for Restaurant Management first, then for POS.

The following Restaurant Management issues were addressed in this release Restaurant Management bug fixes:

  •  All Timeclock entries are display as an edited time in reports
  •  Can't put in inventory due to screen resolution issue
  •  Adding New Time Clock doesn't default to current business date
  •  The Payroll Detail Report does not take into account the ‘pay OT on’ out of store rate option
  •  Emailed Schedules will be sent to all employees who have emails whether they are on the schedule or not
  •  When you ‘UnPost All’ in Purchase Orders, not all items become unposted
  •  New Inventory Item variables display as "None" until page gets refreshed
  •  When updating the quantity for a PO Item, you must also re-select the unit or the input doesn't record
  •  The ‘Sales By Order Type’ report in Restaurant Management is missing some columns
  •  ‘Sales by Order Type’ and ‘Sales by Category’ were not available for selection from Report Packages
  •  Unable to update any fields in Business Info
  •  Changing ‘Business Date’ in the middle of Adding New Timeclock Record causes a negative TimeClockKey to populate in local database
  •  When attempting to add a New Item to a PO in Inventory, if the cursor veers away from the dropdown selection, the selection vanishes

  •  Turning on ‘Tipped Employee’ on Cash Drawer still allows another user to collect on the Drawer
  •  Split names longer than 15 characters will cause an on-screen SQL error in the POS
  •  A driver on break can be added to the dispatch screen which causes a duplicate driver to appear
  •  When reassigning orders on the delivery screen, the counts are not being updated
  •  Order and Cash Drawer are not displaying the proper values when collecting over the ticket amount for a check payment type
  •  When adding a second cash drawer on a station, the default starting amount configured for it does not apply in the POS
  •  Additional Delivery Fee from Delivery Zone is not applying when the customer is selected from CallerID
  •  Orders don't close out when they are paid with CCs and a tip is added through the customer display screen
  •  When Multiple Menus are selected, "Use Last Order" pulls up items from inactive menus
  •  The ‘Account is not Active’ message is issued after retrieving an active order and trying to pay using Account

  •  A deferred order made for a future date that gets collected with a credit card, but then is changed and activated for current date, loses the ability to tip
  •  A deferred order made for the same day that gets changed to a future date can't have the tip adjusted after dispatch
  •  When closing a cash drawer or driver drawer, on the Credit Card Details screen the orders are not displayed in sequence
  •  Selecting an item and then a modifier in the Time-Based Menu group (that came from Online Ordering but doesn't show in the store) results in crashing the app
  •  Unable to collect using an Account after previous account payment was removed
  •  When removing a dispatch from a driver and re-dispatching to a non-driver, both drivers get put on road
  •  Unable to filter order viewer by last 4 of Credit Cards
  •  Additional Delivery Fee from Delivery Zone is not working when using CallerID order and using last order from customer
  •  Unable to Remove Payment from Future Delivery Orders that don't have a Cash Drawer for the day
  •  Ignore NULL values for Rate field in Timeclock table
  •  'Return to Lookup after Pay Order' setting defaults to true “on”, regardless of whether the configuration is false



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