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For delivery orders to get routed and delivered to the proper location they will need to be dispatched and once the customer receives the order they need to be returned into the system to take the next delivery order.

When you have a delivery order ready to be dispatched first you go to delivery.


That will take you to the Dispatch screen where you will see your delivery orders on the left and your drivers on the right.


To Dispatch highlight the order you wish and the driver that will be taking it. Then in the top center click the Dispatch button.


This will move the order and driver to On Road. You can now follow the order by clicking the On Road button on the bottom left.


The On Road screen is where you will return the driver from the delivery.

To do so you will need to highlight both the order and the driver and in the bottom right select Return Driver.


Once the driver is returned the delivery is now complete and all completed deliveries can be reviewed by selecting the complete button on the bottom left.dispatching_and_returning_6.jpg




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