Once you are logged into the POS, Click on the delivery button on the left side of the screen


Once clicked you will get a pop up message stating “Load Driver for DoorDash Third Party Service”

What this message is asking you is. Do you want to start the DoorDash Driver for assigning deliveries?


Select Yes if you will be dispatching orders to DoorDash

Select No if you are not using the service.

Note.  The service pop up will prompt each time you go to the delivery screen if you select no

If you select NO then you will be taken to the delivery screen and there will be no DoorDash driver  present on the right hand side.


If you Selected YES then you will be taken the dispatch screen and on right hand side you will see a Driver Named DoorDash.

This means the integrated services has been activated and the next step for creating drawer for the driver would be to dispatch a DoorDash order to it.


Wait for a delivery order to be placed

NOTE – The First order must be dispatched upon pickup, or the drawer will not be created for the DoorDash driver

Next select the order and select the driver for the order to be dispatched to


Once dispatched to the DoorDash Driver, you will receive a confirmation pop up. This Popup tells you the name of the DoorDasher that will be receiving the order


Select YES


Select the driver and hit return driver.

NOTE - Once the order has been successfully dispatched the system will create a cash drawer for Door Dash. To locate the drawer, you can go 1 of 2 ways.

First would be selecting the driver and clicking Driver Summary on the dispatch screen.


A manager will need enter their code for approval.


Next you will be brought to the driver summary screen.


Next click driver cash out.


You will be brought to the DoorDash driver screen.


The second way of reaching the DoorDash driver drawer would be to click Cash from the main page


 Then select employee cash out.

And you will be brought to the driver/server selection screen to view available cash drawers.create_dd_drawer_14.png




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